All About Kayaking


Explore the world of kayaking! Get confidence and control!  From ocean surfing to inland tours, easy whitewater riffles to kayak touring, this delivers an inspiring lesson on the entire spectrum of kayaking. Learn the lingo, so you can maximize your paddling fun. Learn the strokes, so you can keep up more easily. Explore reading the waves in the ocean and currents in the river, to know what trips are appropriate for your ability. Learn how to handle a surprise capsize.

Extra sections teach the basics of how to fish from a kayak, and how to organize a successful family day trip by kayak.

It all adds up to more fun on the water. Learn the basics to have more fun! 45 Minutes.

Perfect for COMPLETE beginners! For sit-on-top, recreational, and touring kayakers.


"I thoroughly liked the video. The camera work and information was well presented, so it was very informative. It helped me understand what area of kayaking to persue first."
- Brian Blankenship

Note: all about kayaking was designed to help start paddlers like this!

I'm a new kayaker and keep finding your instructional tapes on-line or at shops and find them excellent in giving specific, understandable, complete, but concise, and usable instruction to a beginner (I'm 10 months old). My body, however, is 47 years old. Why didn't I start this sport 25 years ago?! I'm just going to have to live longer than planned.

I keep watching Performance Sea Kayaking and believe it is THE one video that all beginning recreational as well as sea kayakers should watch, especially if one is not planning on getting professional instruction. And that goes especially to the beginners who insist that they don't need no stinkin' instruction.

Here's my story. I didn't know what type of paddling I would be doing - touring, surfing, fishing, day trips? I worried about rolling so decided to get a sit-on-top. After adding thigh straps, I have found I still can have alot of use out of it before I upgrade to 16-18 foot sea kayak. With your video, I learned torso rotation and a more efficient forward stroke after three trips on the water. Then, I practiced edging and developed my balance.

As a result, with the help of your instructional video, I became more confident in swells and ventured out beyond the harbor's jetty and into a section of the bay with rocky, protected shore, perfect for playing around the rock gardens and watching seals.

I want you to know that every increase in my skill level was guided by your Performance Sea Kayaking video. My confidence in the boat was also guided not only by the excellent instruction but by the discussions on safety (and my follow-through in equipping myself with the right gear) as well. All this and I've never been a water person.

Thanks so much for your work. I think the sport is better, more informed and inspired due to your videos and I wouldn't be surprised, in the least, if your tapes through proper instruction and guidance prevented injuries or worse. I believe that kayaking is more of a lifechange in addition to a new sport for me. It will be the core of my fitness and, because of the joy, freedom and integration with nature that I feel while bobbing on swells, bracing on waves and visiting my seal neighbors, the core of my spirit.

- Scott Callow


This is a very helpful resource for beginners and a nice review for those looking to compare types of paddling or considering different boats.- Mary Connery