Breakthru! - Kayaker's Edge


Carving up Kayak Technique

DVD features two highly acclaimed videos for the price of one! This special, double feature DVD combines the Breakthru and Kayakers Edge instructional titles. Together, these videos introduce a paddler to the joys of kayaking, then demonstrate how to get the most out of the river.  (Note, the download price includes only Breakthru)

Drills to improve your kayaking Finesse Drills for kayaking

Breakthru! shows you what and how to practice so you can learn the secrets to precision river running and playboating. Discover how improved stroke technique helps you paddle with greater precision and efficiency, and above all lets you have more fun on the river. Master the strokes and concepts practiced by the top rodeo and slalom paddling pros. Make the breakthrough to the next level!

How to maximize each paddle stroke How to operate your kayak efficiently Techniue explanations for kayaking strokes

Features 50 drills guaranteed to improve your paddling! Features 3-time Olympian and World Cup champion, Scott Shipley. For intermediate and advanced whitewater kayak paddlers.

"If you are serious about taking your boating to a higher level, this vid's for you."
- Paddler Magazine

"If you are planning on moving your paddling to the next level this season, this is a worthwhile addition to your video library"
- Greg Akins, American Whitewater Journal

"We think your newest instructional video is great. And the video/audio quality excels. You really know how to put out an outstanding product."
- Mark Martinez

"I'm planning to combine your rolling video with "Breakthru" for use in all my classes this summer...I lent my copy of Breakthru to some of my fellow instructors in early December and just got it back last week after much pleading and begging and even a couple of mild threats! So, now they're all convinced they can't live without their own private copy."
- Ardie Shaffer, Instructor

"Do you surf on every wave as long as you want? When is the last time you worked on stroke drills in flat water? Can you make a ferry with one stroke? Can you spin on waves without getting flushed downstream? Can you hold stern squirts indefinitely? When's the last time you took an instructional course? If your answers were 'no', 'it's been a while,' or 'What's an instructional course?' then this video is for you."
- Jamie Smith, Tennessee Valley Canoe Club newsletter

Rudder strokes for playboating The importance of vertical strokes How to pressure the blade for effective power