Compare WW Titles

If you are looking for kayak videos, or kayak instruction dvds you have found the right place.  Our selection of kayaking videos will keep you entertained, and save you the trouble of learning the hard way.  Here are a few of our leading titles:

The River Runners Edge- The best choice for water reading, basic strokework, and general intermediate level instruction. This has a few minutes on kayak rolling and safety, but complete kayak rolling instruction and safety information is in The Kayak Roll or Whitewater Self Defense.

The Kayak Roll - The need to know skill. This DVD teaches a low resistance twisting sweep roll. This Kayak Roll production is nearly new, and has taught over a thousand sea kayakers and white water river kayakers the fundamentals of a quality "bomproof roll", often refered to as  " the combat roll".   We would love to hear comparisons of our title with "EJ's Rolling and Bracing", Ken Whiting "Rolling a Kayak" or Justine Curgenven and Cackle's "This is the Roll."  We know our title stands the test of time, and despite competition remains the industry leading rolling instructional film on the market.  Originally named "Whitewater Instruction" our company has been producing industry leading instructional films since our first title back in 1989.

Breakthru! with Kayaker's Edge - Breakthru is the most advanced instruction available on dvd. Kayakers Edge is older predecessor to the more entry level River Runners Edge. The rolling section of the Kayakers Edge video helped popularize the C-to-C kayak roll.

Whitewater Self Defense - Another need to know skill.

The Kayaker’s Playbook - Goes well with Breakthru or River Runners Edge.

Retendo- Take the Wild Ride - Give us a River- See the entertaining old school days with this retrospective look at the birth of freestyle kayaking.

The Citizen Racers Workshop - for slalom racing. This is contained on the Extra Challenge DVD which also includes the C-1 Challenge and Give us a River