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E-mail: click here.   Please let us know of any problems!   We have recently changed our order process, so appreciate any feedback on problems you encounter. This email goes directly to Kent Ford.

Access Denied error:  Please login first!  Then use the links below on accessing Instant View and Downloads.

Alternative Payment by check: Feel free to mail an order with a check.  Free shipping USA.

Order form: click here. We will waive the shipping (USA Only) to reward your patience and extra hassle. Be sure to list the DVD title(s) you want along with your address.

Alternative Payment by Credit Card: send a fax with your credit card number (including phone number, expiry and 3 digits from the back) and order details. FYI, we process all credit card payments on a paypal terminal.

To access Downloads: First login at bottom left side of page, with your username and password, then visit "My Account" at bottom left, and then "Files".   Please let us know of any problems..

Apple Ipads and some other tablets  In short you must download it to iTunes on a desktop then transfer to the iPad/tablet.  This is how iPad handles almost all movies, not just ours.  Here is a customer report: "I was able to download the videos to my laptop (an old iBook), where they went into the movies folder of the iTunes app automatically.  I was then able to  transfer them to the iPad by syncing (via iTunes) the iPad to the iBook using  the iPad's USB cable.  The videos now appear in the standard iPad Videos app." 

To access Instant View: First login to at bottom left side of page, with your username and password.  Once you are logged in, then visit the purchased link below.   Instantview subscription expires after 7 days.  Please let us know of any problems.

The Kayak Roll
River Runners Edge      
Call of the River      
Performance Sea Kayaking
All About Kayaking
In the Surf
WW Self Defense

Bike:   Performance Mountain Biking

Canoe: Drill Time
Solo Playboating

Lost Password:  To reset your password, visit password reset.

Format Differences:  DVDs sold by Performance Video do not use regional codes, so they will play on any player in any country. DVD Format is sold like a DVD in a store, with a plastic case.  DVD Paper Sleeve: Same DVD disc content, but no plastic box or shrinkwrap. Ecofriendlier. Books: Overused or damaged books will be replaced free of charge.  Instantview: Online viewing subscription, streaming, like Netflix.  Expires in 7 days.   Downloads: Are h264 (quicktime) format, which is ideal for laptop and portable devices.

Delivery not received?  Please allow 7 days for US delivery, 10 days for international.  Please contact us if you experience problems.

Lost Password:  To reset your password, visit password reset.

Libraries and Dealer Orders:Yes we accept emailed or faxed purchase orders or visit Dealer Order Form.

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Phone in the US: three six one
Apologies, but this is a tiny office, and we frequently are out teaching or having adventures. Most inquiries or orders will get their fastest response by email as we often handle those during unusual hours.
Kent's personal cell number is (in USA) 970-259-one three six one (same as office phone)