In the Surf - Performance Surf Kayaking


This instructional dvd is targeted at sea kayakers, whitewater kayakers, and surfers: No matter what your paddling background, we will show you how to play the ocean swells in a kayak.  50 Minutes.

Riding a surf break in a kayak Experts instruct surf kayaking How to get outside kayak surfing

Chapter contents:
Pick a Boat- understand the advantages of each type of kayak design.
Orient and Ride- How to control your boat for the longest surfs (and how to get back out to enjoy more rides)
Select a Wave- How to understand the wave sets, so you can pick the ideal surf.
Takeoff!- Surfers tricks for the takoff zone for consistant rides.
Share the Surf- Understanding territorial surf breaks and how to be compatible.
In the Surf- How to make the more advanced moves and enjoy the big stuff.

Ocean Surf Kayak Designs Kayak Surfing strokes and tips Catching big rides in a surfing kayak


"Packed with information and interesting interviews. This video has something for everyone, no matter what kind of kayak you paddle."
- Sea Kayaker Magazine

"A you something tangible and immediate to learn the next time you head for breaking waves."
- Atlantic Coastal Kayaker

 Ediquette rules  between surfers and kayakers Learn basics of the kayak roll. How to surf a sea kayak 

Surfing ocean whitewater Safely understand ocean currents Finding the takeoff zone to surf kayak

Sit on Top kayak surfing Sea Kayak Strokework in the surf zone