Green Business Roundtable

It was my sit-up-in-the-middle of the night idea... doing a better job of networking the environmentally concerned part of our community.

When I launched it, I had no idea if ten people would show up. That was back in 2002, here in my hometown of Durango. Now we have an average of 100 attendees per monthly luncheon meeting, making us the largest business "club" in town.

In short, the Green Business Roundtable helps INSPIRE, EDUCATE, IMPROVE and NETWORK the business community on environmental issues through a monthly lunch networking event. Through gentle peer pressure, we aim to improve our individual and company contributions to sustaining the environment.

To elaborate, the idea is to mimic the systems used by Rotary and other service clubs to influence the community. The idea is simple:
*We gather to enjoy lunch and network with other conservation minded business leaders.
*We want to improve our own and our companies contributions to sustaining the environment. So hopefully we can exert some good peer pressure on each other to take back to work.
*We want to improve our voice in the community.

For more information, check out the GBR website.