American Whitewater History Film

Enjoy this archival film of Whitewater Canoeing. It is an American Whitewater Film, circa 1959? Some filmed on Wolf River, Wisc. Best whitewater footage starts at 22 minutes. Slalom begins at 25 minutes. Also Clearwater River Idaho.

Technique commentary: Note the hand positions on reverse strokes. Very extended bracing positions. Backferries used extensively, explained as defensive method. Offensive, aggressive techniques promoted.

Transfer to Digital formats from a 16 mm magnetic soundtrack done by:, Dave Wallace, Van Cottengin of Aztec Video, Cinicnatti, OH, and Doug Elick.

Original Film Edited by J. Mack Tucker, JN Bomba Consultant PD Whitney. Produced with the assistance of: Buck Ridge Ski Club, Boy Scouts of America, Milo Duffek, Oscar Hawksley, Heinz Jahnke,_ Tucker, Martin Van Cottengim, Dave Kurtz, Penn State Outing Club, Phil Chase, Keith Chaffee, Roland Davis, Mark Fawcett, Richard Gray, Dave Kurtz. Per Dave Kurtz (in the film), Bob McNair, Jack La Francois, Jeff Byers, John Hummel, John Bryson, Les Bechdel, Tom Southworth and others are in the film.

The original posts, including commentary from Dave Kurtz and Bob Horlacher around this film and stills from the film are here:

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