Free Kayak Roll online showing


I would like to offer a benefit to all the members of your paddling school or club... a free Kayak Roll movie online showing for roll classes.

All it requires is that you send email and web publicity to your school or club.

Let me know if the online showing is of interest by replying with:
1) Preferred dates
2) Preferred password
3) Change the quote in the sample email/ web post below (optional)
4) Send the email once I confirm (and post to your webpage/ forum)

Please let me know if you have questions or comments... Thanks in advance for your time and interest! 



>>>>>>>>>>>Sample email/web post>>>>>>>>>>>
FREE  Online viewing of the DVD "The Kayak Roll".  Available for a limited time to our paddling school.

The Kayak Roll demonstrates and explains a smooth and effortless roll.  Crystal clear underwater footage, animation, and explanations make this a video you don't want to miss!

As a whitewater kayak instructor for a decade, I have to admit that this is, by far, the best instructional video on ‘how to roll’ I have ever seen!  It’s perfect for beginners, and instructors as well!   Alexandre Valiquette Vice president Club de Canoe Kayak d’Eau Vive de Montréal

Dates:    3 consecutive days of your choice

Website for instant Viewing or details:

Our Password:   you choose

Please wait for email confirmation before distribution!  Thanks in advance for your interest.