Climbing blade angle

A viewers question:

I have watched the instant access version of The Kayak Roll about 10 times ;-)   The video stresses that the power blade should slice through the water with no resistance, and watching the video I see the results work.  My question is, with it slicing (instead of using a climbing angle and pushing down on the blade) what gives you the leverage to brace up while doing a hip snap?

My reply:  That is one of the conceptual barriers to figuring out the roll.  Generally, you just need to take it on faith.  Everyone with a fluid roll says it is more about timing and being fluid than seeking resistance.  Leverage tends to activate the wrong knee, and make the roll harder.

That said, I think the blade ends up with a tiny climbing angle at moments through the sweep so as to maintain purchse.  But that is not the key!  It happens more like a diver doing a fancy move into a swimming pool, or more esoterically like a cat twisting mid air to land on its feet.  You wouldnt describe either of those as requiring leverage to make the move, right?

Hope that helps, and good luck with the roll.  It usually takes a while to learn.