Online Kayak Instruction

Kent Ford Instructional Guru

"Get your kayaking skills professionally coached online NOW"

Kent Ford teaches and certifies instructor candidates for paddle schools across the US and worldwide.  These instructors often comment that the most productive part of the development and certification course is the video feedback. It's true. Nothing beats the training and feedback you get with a personal coaching session from a professional coach. Now you you can get video coaching without having to attend a course simply by uploading your own video.

Your feedback video will not only diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, but will explain in detail how to fix any faults you may have using the best video analysis technology. The opportunity to get various aspects of your paddling analyzed next to proper modeling makes it simple to understand, adapt and develop to help you have more fun on the water.

All you need is a video camera and an internet connection and we can begin to improve many aspects of your paddling. You submit a video (specifications below), and then we edit it with instructional commentary, using arrows and split screen examples with proper techniques so you can learn effectively. We also provide a written prescription for the drills you can do that will help most directly.

This is your chance to be coached wherever or whenever you want by an American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer Educator, Kent Ford. As an inductee in the International Whitewater Hall of Fame, former US Team assistant coach, and veteran instructor he strives for a pleasant and engaging style.


Here are the benefits you get with this great system...

  • Tips & Drills feedback video segments relevant to your lesson, along with a written drills prescription. Plus, you get 30% off any instructional film from performance video
  • Personal coaching from one of the world's top paddling instructors...  Kent Ford is author and producer of 18 instructional films and 3 books, plus he has experience teaching in 7 different countries.... he's that good. You can read more about Kent later but you'd be hard pushed to find a better instructor.
  • A permanent record of your coaching feedback... With online video coaching you will be able to review your feedback again and again. Plus you get the ability to store coaching sessions on your own computer or other multimedia device such as your phone.
  • Coaching sessions when it suits you...  You will have full control of your coaching sessions i.e. you shoot your paddling video when it suits you, then upload your video to our site at your leisure.
  • Global access to professional coaching... It doesn't matter where you are in the world, as long as you can get access to an internet connection you can get access to online video coaching.
  • Progressive coaching to help you systematically improve all your techniques... To get the best from online video coaching we recommend that you record the technique you are working on, submit your video for coaching, review your feedback, implement and record the recommended changes and then submit this for further feedback.


After purchase, simply upload a segment of video. About 3-5 minutes is usually ample. We can work with most file formats.

Making your video hint: paddler should be full frame. This is important. (see example)

Email us with location of your video, and your goals.

Post to dropbox, google drive or another online file system for delivery.

We typically return your feedback video within 2 weeks.


Rolling Lesson-

Provide video from front. Paddler full frame.

Three roll attempts will probably be ample for initial consultation.

Three hip snaps on side of pool or on a friends bow.

Forward stroke Lesson-

Provide video from side view.

and from front view.

Do each at ¾ speed and at full speed.

River running

Provide video from catching 3 eddies consecutively in water that is easy for you

and catching 3 eddies in water that is slightly pushy for you

and surfing (or trying) a wave

Boat control

Provide video of a draw to move sideways

sculling draw

reverse paddle straight line

sweep stroke to turn

paddle your boat thru a carving circle





I recently received 'volunteer of the year' award from the ACA for helping with their SUP curriculum and spearheading ACA involvement with SUP. When I accepted the award (a total surprise and I had to accept the award and say a few words) the first thing I thought of was the course I took from you back in 1998 in Moab, UT. That was the first experience I had with the ACA, and your professionalism and expertise with regards to paddlesports instruction made a lasting impression on me. I am very fortunate to have taken that course and wanted you to know that your passion and dedication have been an inspiration to me.  Jimmy Blakeney- Paddlesports Professional

 Jimmy Blakeney