By Kids For Kids Ages 4 to 14

(extra feature is by parents for parents)

The Paddlemonster DVD will excite kids about paddling canoes and kayaks, by showing them the possibilities and letting them hear from other kids. Kids learn the essentials (and enthusiasm) from other kids doing the teaching. Kids become paddlemonsters!

Our target audience is newcomers to paddling, emphasizing possibilities on flatwater in sea kayaks and recreation kayaks. The film also addresses whitewater paddling for parents and and paddlemonsters.

Kayaking by kids for kids The draw stroke in a kayak Choos the right equipment and gear to kayak

Secondly, and importantly, the parents section offers valuable advice to parents the benefits of kids paddling and on how to entice kids into Paddlesports. This is shared through interviews with parents of current paddlers, camp leaders, and others who lead paddling programs.

The emphasis is on the scenery, the time outdoors, the activity, and the social scene. We don't focus on the extreme, instead we show how to paddle for fun, balancing that message with the excitement of easy surfing and play.

The paddlemonster Parents share tips for getting kids in kayaks Sit on top kayaks, sea kayaks, and whitewater kayaks

We introduce all the basics, from paddling strokes, to equipment and beginning playboating in a way that is step by step, and easy to understand. As paddlesports have evolved, so have the teaching techniques. We teach paddling with an economy of motion, so it is easy and effortless to learn.

The children who watched Paddle Monster with me were very attentive.  They loved the silly paddle monster that popped out at random times throughout the movie.  Paddle Monster came at the perfect time because the following week our 6 year old and 8 year old got their first opportunity to kayak.  Now we definitely have our own Paddle Monsters! - be blessed!  A mommy blog about living well and having fun on a simple budget.

My (5-year-old) daughter Gretta received "Paddlemonster" last week, has watched it several times, and loves it.
Many thanks for doing the DVD!
  Chris White, Shelburne, VT

We use it extensively, sending it out in advance of our programs to get parents and kids psyched on our programs - Dave Holl, Dallas TX Girl Scout paddling programs coordinator

Stunning job on Paddle Monster , can you send 10 more copies??
Tom Pogson - Alaska Kayak School

I attended a girl scout Service Unit meeting last night and showed the first half of Paddle Monster, For Parents. Following the meeting, more than 30 troop leaders expressed interest in upcoming classes. This represents more than 500 girl scouts!  The video is awesome and really speaks to the parents. Well done!
Kelly Gossett-  New Mexico Kayak Instruction, Inc.

This thing is phenomenal!  Very well done!  Thanks for sending it.  Could we use it for the US Kayak Team talent id program?
Bill Endicott- Former Olympic Coach USA Canoe & Kayak

I think your videos are really good! I especially like the "Paddle Monster." Kids love that video!
Denzil Britt, Tennessee

Soloo canoe technique for kids Tandem canoeing for kids Kids love kayaking the right way!