Performance Mountain Biking - With Ned Overend


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We believe you will agree this is the most comprehensive instructional video ever produced! You will go farther and faster with improved confidence. Our fast paced motivational video demonstrates and explains techniques for braking, turning, climbing and descending.
Braking a bicycle with control Tips for steep climbs on a mountain bike. Mountain bike fit tips
This dvd is hosted by World Champ and mountain bike legend Ned Overend. Ned's supercharged batteries are now going on 40 years, and they've kept him at the top of his game the whole time.  Ned's latest conquest has been off-road triathlons. Namely, the XTERRA World Championships, a swim/mountain bike/trail run triathlon in Maui that mountain biking's "elder statesman" has won twice. In fact, Ned has become the inspiration for lifestyle athletes of all ages.

When Ned retired from pro mountain biking in 1996, he knew he'd keep competing. It's in his blood. Or more like the strands of his DNA. But he wanted to do it his way. Pick certain races - mountain runs like Imogene Pass near Telluride, off-road triathlons like the XTERRA Championships, and even regular road triathlons. Competitions he could train for and still be a father, husband, businessman, author, trails advocate, and genuine nice guy.
How to do mountain bike repairs on the trail How to avoid crashing on a mountain bike. Tips for riding a mountain bike without injury
Even when Ned was at the height of his career - winning the first mountain biking UCI World Championships in 1990, six national titles, and several World Cups, among countless other titles - he's always kept a certain balance in his life. A balance that's likely a key to his success. Enjoy his video as he shares detailed knowledge picked up along the way.
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" and tips that are hard to get out of your head"
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