Performance Sea Kayaking ...The Basics and Beyond


Beginners might also want All About Kayaking ... which covers basics of all types of kayaks.

Join world renowned and experienced instructors as they explain the important elements of paddling strokes, rescues, and trip preparation for sea kayaking. These are the kayaking tips and techniques that help you improve.  Kayak technique is easy!  See paddling skills demonstrated by some of the best paddlers in the world. Learn the essence of paddling efficiently so you'll tire less on your next trip. Witness how to recover from a capsize, and unlock the secrets of the kayak roll. Hear the experts talk about navigation, big crossings, and dealing with wind and weather. All this information is presented in a lively, watchable manner.  (58 Minutes packed with lessons)

Map work for kayakers Dealing with the surf zone in a kayak Sea kayak rescues you should know

Contents include:

  • Strokes- Efficient techniques for the best boat control
  • Rescues- Solo and Tandem tricks of the trade so you can recover easily
  • Trip Preparation- Maps, strategies, and tools you need to stay out of trouble
  • Surf Zone- How to deal with and enjoy
  • Advanced techniques- and what you need to know

strokework for the coastal kayaker Learn the brace to remain upright in a kayak Understanding tidal currents for kayaking


"Well produced and technically comprehensive..."
- Sea Kayaker

"The breadth of 'Performance Sea Kayaking' is fairly astounding... This video should be in your library."
- Atlantic Coastal Kayaker

Great DVD!! Good editing, Good Narration, thorough descriptions of techniques, talented paddlers. I have learned more from this one DVD than the entire Nigel Foster's Sea Kayaking 5 volume series DVD's. If you kayak this DVD will help. By John Q.

The video was very informative, well paced for the beginner as well as those of us that need a 'kayaking fix' in the cold weather. It provides clear, concise instruction/review. I will probably wear it out!  L. Sullivan Review

Outstanding video! Excellent coverage of sea kayaking techniques including bracing and rescue. Was very helpful to my white water yaking as well, by applying some of these bracing methods. Highly recommended, you wont be disappointed.  D. Teoli Jr. (NE US)

Basic motions of rolling a kayak the key to efficient kayaking is torso rotation Rules of the road sea kayaking

5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth your time!  This tape, as with any, is not a replacement for either instruction or practice. However, the production quality is excellent and the information is presented well. I am a whitewater kayaker and I am making the transition to sea kayaking (the body doesn't seem to recover as quickly as it use to). I don't think the skills are broken down quite enough in the video for a "newbie" but, the inherent risks are emphasized and presented well so that a beginner will seek out proper instruction or apprenticeship with an experienced paddler. I can't wait to get on the water.  Gord Smith (Ontario, Canada) Review from Amazon
Whether you're a begining paddler or someone who's been paddling for a few years, you'll be able to get something out of this tape. It features a number of well-known West Coast sea kayak instructors demonstrating paddling strokes, braces, rolls, and other techniques, all shown in a way that clearly illustrates what a properly done stroke or roll should look like. It also has good advice on trip planning, dealing with current and tides, and many other details.  I bought this tape based on a review in Sewa Kayaker magazing that couldn't praise it highly enough. I wasn't disappointed. After four years of paddling, this tape showed me what I needed to know to move my bracing and recovery strokes up to the next level.   Michael J Edelman (Huntington Woods, MI USA) 

"This video hits the mark quite neatly...anyone watching this could not fail to pick up the most important points of long boat handling, navigation skills, and some basic rescues."
- Canoe Focus, Great Britain

"If you could have only one video about sea kayaking, this would be a very good choice."
- Canoe and Kayak

"Breadth, depth, and details make this video demand more than a one time survey...a comprehensive sea kayaking instructional textbook."

- Ken Fink, Poseidon Kayak Imports

"We bought one for rental, but discovered people want to own it... so now we sell lots of them"
- Bernadette Dehart, Cove Kayak Center, FL

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Features the Pacific Northwest coast and TASK sea kayak symposium, North shore of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands, Southern California coast, the Channel Islands and big surf, Maine, and a top secret high mountain lake. Appearances and/ or assistance from: Ken Fink Navigation Guru, Shelly Johnson Paddlesport Instructor and consultant, Greg Barton Olympic Gold medalist, Wayne Horodowich Chairman of Task Instructor Exchange, Jeff Cooper American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer, Cathy Pithath H2O Outfitters Instructor, Lee Moyer Leader in education, Eric Soares & Jim Kacook Tsunami Rangers extreme sea kayak club, Randy Carlson Univ. Minnesota National Kayak Institute, Grant Herman Reknowned Outdoor Educator.

In other words, no expense was spared to get the leaders in the field teaching in some of their favorite paddling locations.

More Testimonials:

"If you are serious about learning to sea kayak, the video is well worth the price."
- Paddler Magazine

I received the dvd today and watched it immediately. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.I just started kayaking a few months ago and I just recently turned age 56. Your dvds are really helping me learn and really enjoy a new lifestyle.Thank you,
Steven W.

I enjoyed your instructional video Performance Sea Kayaking: Basics and Beyond. Very thorough instructional video with beautiful cinematography and overall a very good instructional video. I was surprised to find it at a thrift store in Asheville, NC! Regardless- I think you guys did a great job- and I was surprised to find you still have the same number, ... the intercoastal waterway of South Carolina just north of Charleston. Ever been there? We are planning a 3 day excursion next weekend. After review of your video- I want to kayak!  Jesse Romine

"Highly recommended."
- Video Librarian

There aren't a whole lot of sea kayak videos out there to choose from, so there's not a lot to compare this to. However, I do highly recommend this video. It covers a lot of ground (or water, if you prefer); and it does it in a very helpful way. It covers the basics and even some more advanced topics. It's important to note that you can't really learn any of these techniques by watching a video. You can only do that by getting out on the water and paddling. However, good videos like these help you when you're out there by clueing you in to the kinds of techniques you should be learning; and helping you to visualize the motions as you're practicing them. 
Stefan T. Wennik "stw" (Mass. USA) Review from Amazon

"Encourages technique over strength."
- Sports Afield

"This scenic and informative program will whet the appetite."
- Booklist

"Beautifully photographed and evenly paced."
- SNEWS (Outdoor Industry newsletter)

Simple, yet explicit narration is the hallmark of Kent Ford's instructional videos."
- Outdoor Retailer, Editors Picks