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kayak strokes

Fine tune your paddlesports skills online!

Read paddlesport and technique commentary and advice from Kent Ford.

Drills for Mountain Biking: Learn how to accelerate, ride switchbacks, release your cleats easily, and more!

Kayak Roll Tips: This is a small sample of what is available from our ebook on The Kayak Roll.

Whitewater Kayaking!: This collection of articles includes river reading and basic safety. One entire section focuses on how to Breakthru to the next level with drills for forward paddling and boat control paddling technique for intermediate and advanced paddlers.

Sea Kayaking & Ocean Surf Kayaking: This collection of articles for the sea kayaker features the best forward stroke, surfing, self rescue, & rolling tips!

Drill Time for Canoeing: Learn how to accelerate with ease, develop finesse, roll a solo boat, and more!

Access the DeRiemer eSchool, practical articles on mental preparation for kayaking, sure to help you improve!