Solo Playboating - The Workbook


The Solo Playboating Workbook explains of dozens of exercises that show how to improve your canoe paddling. These drills will help you avoid bad habits that arise from improper practice, so you can eliminate years of learning by trial and error. Improve your control and confidence, get longer surfs, and have more fun on the river, guaranteed! Best when used with one or both companion videos.

The Solo Playboating Workbook reminds me a lot about the class I took with Bob Foote two years ago! The book is packed with good advice and I should be able to improve my paddling by practicing it on the river.   Thanks a lot for your excellent products!  Hugues Lavoie, May 2010, Canada

"What an advantage you provide the new paddler by providing so much quality information in enjoyable formats!"
- John Seals/ Dagger Canoe Co.

"Put in your time applying these drills, and you will realize improvement in your canoeing!"
- Canoe & Kayak

"...very different from the usual paddling books. It is easy-to-digest, and useful. I picked up some neat tips--and I'm already thinking hard about small things that will improve my paddling. What makes your book different from other "paddling texts" is that it addresses the little things (that only a professional coach would know) that hinder efficiency. Beginners and experts alike will all learn something from your book. It's a winner!"
- Cliff Jacobson, Outdoor Writer & Wilderness Canoe Guide

"I have a box full of of canoe books & videos I take to share with club members. But when it comes to improving the quality and effectiveness of paddling, the smallest book, The workbook, is by far the best."
- Instructor John Sherwen, England

"You hit home on some great progressions as well as detailed points that tend to dissolve over the winter months. Nice layout and the pictures balance out the text for those 'other' types of learners."
- Tim Sampsel (US Wildwater Team Member)