The Citizen Racer's Workshop


The Extra Challenge DVD combines three classic titles: The C-1 Challenge, The Citizen Racer's Workshop, and Give us a River .

The Citizen Racer's Workshop Learn how to run gates! Inspiring video footage of World Class slalom racers is explained for the racing fan or apprentice. Kayakers and C-Boaters in cruising boats or race boats will enjoy the demonstration of gate technique. The video covers the basics of training, mental preparation, boat positioning, and paddle placement. c.1991

Give us a River is adapted from Bob Belton's original film (1963). This video reminds paddlers of the proud heritage of canoesport. Those who went before us should be our heroes. Look, learn, and go.

Filming Location: Then: Potomac River, Washington, DC Now: Animas River, Durango, CO Running Time: 7 minutes

Awards and prizes for Give us a River 2001 National Paddlesports Festival, Best Professional, Lexington, KY 2001 Waterwalker Film Festival,Best Humour, Canada

Testimonials for Citizen Racers Workshop

"...will improve your river running skills"
- Fritz Haller, Former US Team Coach