Karma package is a donation that helps fund this project.

A Tribute to Noah Kayaks designer Vladimir Vanha.  This project was a labor of love (and a small subset of our documentary film "The Call of the River"), so we hope you enjoy it!   Produced by Kent Ford and John Davis.

This tribute dvd is for Noah Kayaks founder Vladimir Vanha (1950-2006). Vladia designed the ten foot long Jeti Kayak back in 1983, pioneering the way for modern day creek boats, planning hulls, and ergonomic outfitting. In addition to his brilliance as a boat designer, Vladimir was an eclectic, and engaging personality.

Here are a few gems from Vladimir's brochures:

"Ideas are born out of Spirit: ["S" meaning essence of "pir" = pire ie fire]. Here fire and water mix. Striving to match proportions for multibenefit of pyr-a-mids, boats purified by the fire perform better.

Design-wise, there are more Noah red hot models and even juicier features trickling to the competitions´ prototypes. However, Vlad´s complex hydro-dynamics can´t be dealt with piecemeal, and no performance, peak power, or personality is born from messing with copies." -NOAH Website